Our manifesto

1) We are seeking a new response, a new approach to life because the old ways are decaying.

2) Life is a continual challenge and when cultures, people & civilizations are incapable of responding to the challenge of the new they are destroyed.

3) Your parents are frightened, your teachers are frightened, your government is frightened, your religions are frightened. They all fear you becoming an individual. They all stand together in numbers. They all choose to remain in the comfort of their own environmental and cultural influence.

4) Only the individuals that fight and break through this pattern of social hierarchy can bring about a new, better developed civilization. A civilization built on inner strength and moral obligation to fight for the freedom of the individual no matter what race, tribe, culture or creed. We are united by our mindset not our skin colour.

5) We aim to clothe the nation of freedom in functional, durable and superior quality everyday clothing.

6) We believe in the individual fight for freedom, dignity and liberty.

7) We aim to achieve freedom away from the corporate cultures oppressive yoke.

8) We believe in the power within. The power to both shape and mold one’s own world.

9) We believe the innocent and ignorant are used in wars, fighting a cause that is not their own. We are concerned with the battle within.

10) The search for truth or Jah does not lie within the prison of the body but rather in understanding the infinite mind. Ultimately breaking through it’s self contained walls. This very movement towards freedom creates a new culture. A different world for you and those around you.

11) Souljah Gear is a reaction to the negative environments in our culture. A culture controlled by clocks, deadlines, social appointments and material wealth.

12) We believe every human to be uniquely individual thus no garment is made the same.

13) Souljah gear will never be made in a factory. A factory manufactures inferior products from inferior materials and ultimately produces an inferior cheaper world.

14) Souljah gear is the cream. We will rise to the surface.

15) We propose solutions. Not problems.

16) We unite together as one new global order.

About us

Souljah started on the streets of Mzanzi. It was just a group of people living together in Yeoville. We all lived on this hill over looking what we called gunshot alley. At night all you could hear was screaming tyres & gun shots. Blue lights flashing, red lights flashing and a lot of shouting. we stayed on that hill along time. Rarely was it quiet.

We used to skate down the hill and cruise the streets trying to sell clothing. Silly really in a community that did not have money for food. After a friend took a bullet to the back of the head. I packed my bags and headed South. Arriving in Cape Town I said a prayer of thanks. Thats how it started before we had cars, houses, TV’s etc. mostly we only had enough money for beer, cigarettes and a little weed. Our mode of transport was foot or skateboard.

We walked Johazardousburg flat, never fearing, knowing that around any corner somebody was waiting with either a gun or a knife. There was always crack around. Dudes standing on every corner trying to sell koki, swazi, rock, ice, meth. it was never ending. This was no way to live and certainly not a place to bring children into. Yet around this chaos, children flourished and survived. We knew God was watching, us and them. We would push the limits trying to out do each other in seeing the next news story unfold. In my head i became a souljah for God. Descending to the gates of hell, knocking and inviting anyone on the other side to join me and return to a world filled with love and affection.

We walked a dangerous path. A path drawn on a knife blade. We survived and continue our mission.

Souljah was born out of a need for change.

A need to be on the street yet have the ability to blend in and hide.

We became the eyes always watching. the ears always listening.

We became the city roar.

A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus. Martin Luther King, Jr.